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Humanity is currently navigating the biggest propaganda war in human history. While we tend to think of wars being waged with bullets, bombs + other overt signs of violence, ours is a war of words.

Whether they are the words being spouted by news anchors, social media influencers, politicians or celebrities; or whether they are the lyrics to your favorite song, the copy comprising the advertisements on all those billboards, bus benches, magazines and screens, or simply the languaging used in those Common Core Curriculum text books, words are being weaponized to control and manipulate us all.

The best way to protect our children from the dangers of fake news, group think, mind control and mis/disinformation is to educate them as to how propaganda functions, how language is being used to manipulate us, and how to use language to safeguard our self-esteem, critical thinking, sacred attention and humanity.

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Dani Katz is a journalist, author and Quantum Languaging consultant devoted to teaching rebels, free-thinkers and visionary badasses how language creates reality; and how to use language to empower, uplift, inspire and transform the world for the more wonderful.

In response to the wellsprings of demand, Dani is offering one last LIVE version of Pop Propaganda. The course will teach students how to discern the languaging coming through the media sphere, while resourcing them with tools that will allow them to think critically, and to decipher truth from propaganda, while cultivating Quantum Languaging skills that will allow them to use language to empower, uplift, include and equalize the cultural landscape.

Course schedule: 10 weeks, April 12 – June 14, 2023, Wednesdays 11-12:15 pm mst

Course admission: $999 (with limited enrollment)

Register immediately, as space is super, very limited, and this course won’t happen again: www.danikatz.com/poppropcourse

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