Process of Manifestation – Greek and Ochelli

The process by which a magnetizable body becomes magnetized when in a magnetic field or in the magnetic flux set up by a magnetomotive force could be an explanation as to how we take in nutrients. A process called induction. This thought has not been applied to biology...until now.

What does it take to manifest? Are you ready for the next level coming to planet Earth? Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid! A light is shone on future geopolitical events from a "higher vantage point" revealing the very destiny of humanity.

What is it that you don't notice? Would you know if time sped up? What drives your actions? How aware can you been of these seemingly natural occurrences? How much of that is driven by the "Operating System" of this planet's controllers? What will it take to rewrite your code until you find the real you?

"The Greek" presents a series of Reports rationally addressing a far reaching range of contemporary subjects of chief importance to "modern society" not currently being discussed in any cogent manner elsewhere. Accepted paradigms relative to the modern religions of science, law and finance are shattered as the hard truths of their basis and workings are brought forward.


Chuck Ochelli
is a polymath, a podcaster, and noted JFK researcher. The host of The Ochelli Effect (8-10 pm EST, every Mon-Fri), Chuck brings a conspiracy realist’s perspective to topics ranging from deep politics to popular culture, from political assassinations to science fact and fiction, from the alternative to the mainstream, from the speculative to the historical.

The Ochelli Effect Podcast launched in late 2013 as an outlet for independent critical analysis of historical controversies, current geopolitics, social issues, media, breaking news, and literature from Chuck’s perspective. After appearing as a guest and caller on multiple live internet broadcasts for many previous years and receiving encouragement from other talk show hosts, The Ochelli Effect debuted as a regularly scheduled, unscripted interview program.

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