Light Up Your Life – Jackie Jolie

The entire internet is transmitted to you by light. Freemasons around the world seek "more light" in their rituals. CERN collides light particles and creates matter. What is the truth about light. Can sunlight, properly applied, cure what ails you? When is the last time you watched a sunrise? Do you know the dangers of LED light bulbs?

We live in a Quantum Age. Minimum input, maximum output is how our lives should be. Sleeping aids are the #1 market in the US. What if your ailments could be cured for free using light, water, and magnetism; a Quantum Health Model. Have we lost touch with reality so much that circadian rhythm is completely off kilter?


Jackie Jolie completely transformed her health by fully embracing the quantum health paradigm and the science behind getting your life life right. She now teaches others how to do the same.

"I've always strived to live a healthy life based on holistic healthcare practices. Even in my career as a professional equine bodyworker, I always knew the benefits of preventative care and natural practices. It wasn't until being diagnosed with Lyme disease 4 years ago that I had to stop and reassess what was occurring in my life to allow for the onset of a disease to take over my body. Luckily, I was directed by a good friend to Dr Jack Kruse and the quantum health information which resonated strongly with me; and ultimately helped heal my body. I continue to get stronger and healthier while, and by, implementing quantum practices in my life. By changing my light life, I've felt better than I ever have and have also noticed a stronger connection with my consciousness and faith; which has led me to want to share the incredible information of how light shapes everything in our life. I recently got certified as a Quantum Health coach by the Quantum Biology Collective program and am holding in person Light Shapes Life seminars in my local area, as well as hosting webinars online in hopes of reaching as many people as possible to share this information with. Additionally, I have started to dive into quantum science to engage and pioneer the same amazing light therapy information to the veterinary industry. I'm currently creating a light therapy blanket for animals." Available at

You can find her on Instagram @jolie_en_sol and sign up for her webinar there as well.

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