Illusion Warfare – Lez Luthor

All warfare is based on deception. Are the abundance of Boogeyman Conspiracies theories being given to us freely as a trap designed to keep us in RABBIT HOLES creating fear, paranoia and confusion? How much of the dystopian terror presented on the Black cube Tell-A-Vision actually exists in our physical reality? Are the EASILY FOOLED being tricked into believing these ILLUSIONs and thus unknowingly manifesting them into reality via their participation and reactionary behaviour?

In WWII, around 350 men would spend all day frantically driving trucks up and down Scotland unloading empty boxes next to dummy tanks and artillery guns; creating the illusion a 100K force was preparing to invade Norway. 750 Radio operators would send out endless volleys of morse code and flood the wireless networks with false information and fictional communications between the non-existent 4th Army.

All of these tactics are still in play today although way more modern of course.

The deception is on the ones who think they are taking part in a deception campaign as well as the ones the deception is aimed at.

Illusion= Belief = Manifestation. Follow Lez Luthor on Twitter

Lez LuTHOR... 'Illusion Warfare Correspondent'... Who last year took guerilla citizen journalism to the so called 'Battle of Kyiv' and revealed 'the world truly is a stage...with the men and women unknowingly performing in the show'

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