White Noise – Sean McCann

“Crowds came to his mountain villa. Crowds came to hear him speak. Crowds erotically charged, the masses he once called his only bride. Crowds came to be hypnotized by the voice, the party anthems, the torchlight parades…but wait. How familiar this all seems to us…we’ve all been part of those crowds. But there must’ve been something different about these crowds. What was it? Let me whisper the terrible word from the Old English, from the old German, from the old Norse…’DEATH’.

These crowds were assembled in the name of death. They were there to attend tributes to the dead, but not the already dead, the future dead! The dead living amongst us….To be a crowd is to keep out death. To break off from the crowd is to risk death as an individual, to face dying alone! Crowds come for this reason above all others. They were there to be a crowd.”

“Maybe once we stop denying death, we can proceed calmly to die. We simply walk toward the sliding doors.” -White Noise

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Sean McCann
is a father, anarchist, fine art photographer, graphic designer, rabbithole aficionado, traveler, psychonaut, a thinking man with a critical mind. Sean started his adult years as a satanist atheist with no love for anyone. Thankfully, he got better. This broken worldview gave him the harsh road of learning he's endured. It had it's good times, but the lessons were hard won. A spiritual anarchist with a firm grasp of the principles of morality and freedom. With a wide angle focus Sean seeks to highlight important topics of discussion including history, psychology, film and arts, the occult, current events and whatever else may be useful in waking people from their mental slavery.

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