Cradle of Misinformation – Asia Raine

It is an interesting time to be alive. Truth is pushing itself through barriers, dissolving walls and boldly calling out steadily for our attention. It challenges identities and belief systems, demanding no less than our strength, intuitive grit and a healthy curiosity that isn’t easily polarized. It requires we embrace our fears and doubts and move forward with integrity and courage and a tenacity that accepts nothing less than responsible individual sovereignty.

Letters To The People is a platform to support those who resonate with any aspect of cult recovery. An innumerable number of stories beg to be told in one form or another and as a courage advocate I hope to encourage others to champion themselves in discovering they are the key to their own liberation.

Asia Raine was born into the Satanic Ritual Cult that runs the LDS/Mormon Church. Her experience wove through family and high levels of the Mormon Church. She was programmed and ritualized for 36 years. Due to the severity of the trauma, her experiences were repressed, leaving nightmares, random physical conditions and particular behavioral patterns as the only clues to its presence. She didn’t know these singular symptoms were connected to each other until she unearthed her own dark story and connected the dots.

"Silence kills because silence is complicity. I am a witness, a smoking gun, and a piece of the collective evidence that ritual abuse is real. I also represent the reality that a healthy and powerful life can be lived through the courageous efforts required to move from victim to veteran."

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