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Are you dependent on the system? We live in a world of abundance and I want you to thrive! But, you are taught that we live in a world of scarcity. We are currently looking at a world with a health crisis, rising fuel costs and a food shortage on the horizon.

WHAT IF... There was a technology that helped your body heal 3x faster, saved 50% fuel, make your OWN fuel, make plants grow up to 10x FASTER and give you a supplemental income? Would you believe it?

Brown's Gas is simply WATER ~ in a special and unique form. This 'high-energy' form of water has the capacity to positively affect every aspect of our lives. It can enhance our health; dramatically lower the cost of manufacturing products; improve the environment; even neutralize radioactive waste. Sounds too good to be true? We know. In fact, even once you experience this gentle, eco-friendly, yet powerful gas, you'll still be astounded.

Brown's Gas heats up materials in a very different manner than butane based flames. It seems to inject the electrical energy directly into the atomic structure of the atom, so that the atom becomes energized. What the atom then does depends on how it reacts to electricity… materials that are insulators (cannot get rid of electrical energy quickly) heat up remarkably quickly. Materials that conduct electricity easily do not heat up to as high a temperature.

George Wiseman is President of Eagle-Research and AquaCure. He started working with Brown’s Gas in 1986, creating practical machines to apply this amazing gas in applications such as Fuel Saving, Torch-Fuel Gas and Radioactive Neutralization. He has become recognized world-wide and renowned in the practical applications of Brown’s Gas. In time it became apparent there were also astonishing health applications.

The AquaCure is a practical, reliable and SAFE HydrOxy electrolyzer (generator) that is designed to give you decades of trouble free service. We have a 1 year satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Get yours now!

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George does research in Automotive Engineering, Biochemistry and Aquaculture. He builds and optimizes efficient and practical water electrolyzers for specific applications; like combustion enhancement, Fueling Torches and Brown’s Gas for health. Brown’s Gas electrolyzers generate a unique mixture of gasses that are astonishingly useful, particularly due to the ExW component. Electrically Expanded Water (ExW) is a negative plasma form of water, which give the Brown’s Gas a greater efficacy in its applications. A negative plasma has excess electrons, which give energy to the process. In the case of the AquaCure, a bio-available energy for health applications.

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